Our workshops

One of the unique aspects of our working museum is the opportunity we offer visitors to watch and learn as our skilled volunteers restore and build each aircraft in our three workshops. The first two workshops are on the ground floor, the third is located on the second floor.


Workshop # 1

On the first floor, workshop #1 is where we started building the fuselage and engine components for our first aircraft—the Fairchild FC-2 Razorback. Other aircraft restorations also began in this workshop, which is equipped with various industrial machinery to build, cut, and weld metal parts and to complete other operations for our different projects.


Workshop # 2

As more space was needed, another area was renovated to become workshop #2. This space accommodated the assembly of our Fairchild FC-2 Razorback’s larger parts and the initial construction of our Blériot XI Scarabée. These two aircraft are now exhibited on the second floor of our museum. Workshop #2 was then reorganized for the restoration of our Fairchild (Bristol) Bolingbroke’s fuselage and centre wing sections.


Workshop #3

Located on the second floor past the exhibition section, workshop #3 was initially opened to complete the construction and assembly of our Curtiss-Reid Rambler aircraft. Today, our volunteers are working on one of our latest acquisitions—the Noorduyn Norseman.