Fairchild FC-2 Razorback (1927)

The Fairchild FC-2 was a pioneer “bush plane”, quite advanced for its time, featuring an enclosed, heated cabin, folding wings and adaptable to wheels, floats or skis. Canadian Vickers of Montreal built twelve of these aircraft under license from the Fairchild Aviation Corporation based on Long Island, New York.. It was the first of a family of aircraft, some of which were designed and built in the 1930s by Fairchild Aircraft Limited of Longueuil, Quebec.

The FC-2 was involved in some of the first airmail deliveries and was piloted by the famous Quebec aviator Romeo Vachon, It was also used extensively as a photo survey aircraft, a role for which it was specifically designed, with provisions for a downward-looking camera itself designed by Sherman Fairchild. The MAM’s example is a reproduction built by our volunteers and depicts an FC-2 flown by our founder’s father – Hubert Pasmore he was a pilot for Fairchild Aerial Surveys of Canada Ltd. based in Grand-Mère, Quebec.