Interac procedure


Payment by Interac can only be done through the Canadian banking system.
It is free of charge for the museum and helps keep our operating costs to a minimum.
We suggest that you use this option if possible.

How to proceed:

– Connect to your bank’s website.

– Access the Interac transfer function and complete the form by following the instructions

– Recipient name: Montreal Aviation Museum

– Recipient email address:

– Phone number: N/A

– Enter the amount required

Note: The museum account is configured to accept your transfer as a direct deposit to the MAM’s bank account.  If your bank requires a password, please indicate MAM as the password.

In the remark section, please indicate the following information so we may better process your payment.

  • Name
  • Adress
  • City Prov Postal code
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Please indicate what the total amount transfer is for:

  • New membership: Regular ($40), Student ($10)
  • Renewing membership:  Regular ($40), Student ($10)
  • Donation amount $
  • Other – please specify

    Thank you for supporting the MAM